Melodic House & Techno, House, Techno DJ Graumann



Bugra Bilecen aka Graumann is a producer, remixer and DJ from Bursa – Istanbul, Turkey. Still working for the gray side of electronic music. He has an international career that has spanned more than 10 years. He performed in many places in Turkey and he shared the same stage with really big names. His melancholic, ambient melodies are distinctive. He feels realms of techno, house and progressive music so he synthesizes different melodic tracks. His musics was resounding on some big events like Tomorrowland, ASOT. Graumann’s story continues as they carry on pushing boundaries and delivering their deep, driving sound to ears within the most revered venues globally.

Graumann, Progressive Techno and Melodic Techno artist from Turkey. If you want to listen Graumann music, you can visit links page on menu. He is owner of Duenia Records.